Prescription Medications

Medical Services works with students to manage all of their health care needs, including prescription medications.

Starting on Medications

Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with their Primary Care Provider  to obtain prescription medications in a timely fashion, get information about benefits and potential side effects, and about drug-to-drug interactions.

Continuing on Medications Begun at Home or Elsewhere

If a provider outside of Medical Services has already prescribed medication for you, considerations of quality care dictate that you still have a thorough assessment at Medical Services before we are able to prescribe that medication for you. Even if the prescription you were given a few months ago was right for you then, it may not be right for you now. Our providers need to assess the efficacy of your medication and potential side effects before continuing the prescription. Please contact Medical Services to schedule an appointment.

Filling Prescriptions

Prescriptions can be filled at any local drugstore. For information about utilizing pharmacy benefits go to the Columbia Student Medical Insurance Plan or contact your insurance carrier.

Refilling Prescriptions

For routine prescription renewals, contact your Medical Services provider directly online or by the telephone refill line for your practice group. A minimum of two business days notice before your prescription expires will allow your provider and pharmacy the necessary time to process your request accurately. Your call for a prescription renewal may serve as an opportunity to schedule a follow-up appointment, make you aware of preventive services, or obtain up-to-date contact information.

Administering Medication

If a provider outside of Columbia Health has ordered medication that will be administered here, you must first make an appointment with one of the nurses from your practice group. Some medications may need to be reviewed by the Medical Services pharmacy committee before administration and the nurse can help you with this process.




How do I make a medical appointment?

Use our secure appointment portal, Open Communicator, to make an appointment online, or call us at (212) 854-7426.

Last updated April 07, 2014