How to Enroll Dependents

Instructions for how to enroll your dependents into the Columbia Student Health Insurance. 

  1. Log on to the Patient Portal
  2. Click Downloadable Forms on the left sidebar. 
  3. Navigate to the Dependent Enrollment Form section. You may preview the form before downloading.
  4. Collect required documentation:
    1. Dependent Spouse (first time enrolling): Marriage Certificate (with English translation)
    2. Dependent Domestic Partner (first time enrolling): Domestic Partnership Certificate (with English translation)
    3. Dependent Child: no documentation required.
  5. Once you have completed the form, upload the for and required documentation using the Upload button on the Dependent Enrollment Form section.
    1. You may upload each document separately.
  6. Verify the entire submission (form and documentation). You may Edit Image or select Looks Good if you are satisfied with the documents.
  7. Once you have confirmed that you have uploaded complete documentation, click Save. Do not click save after uploading each document.
  8. Your submission will be labeled 'In Review' until the Student Health Insurance Office processes your submission.


Please allow 14 business days for processing. Submitting incomplete or duplicate documents will result in delayed processing of your request.