Sexual & Reproductive Health

Last reviewed: 3/15/2024

The choice to be sexually active is unique to the individual. The majority of Columbia students take active steps to protect their sexual and reproductive health by:

  • Limiting the number of sexual partners
  • Using barrier methods to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Using barrier methods or hormonal contraception to prevent pregnancy

Columbia Health provides free safer sex supplies (internal and external condoms, dental dams, lubricant). There are multiple locations across the Morningside campus where free safer sex supplies are available to students. Check the map for locations, hours, and directions to safer sex supplies.

Safer sex supplies available:

  • External (male) condoms:
    • Latex and non-latex
    • Snug fit
    • XL fit
  • Internal (female) condoms
  • Lubricant

Find these supplies at:

**Note: generally, these offices are open from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Check the homepage to see what's open now

Additional support and information:

Have sexual health questions, wanting to discuss safer sex options and strategies, or interested in information about transmission, treatment, and prevention of STIs? Attend the Sexual & Reproductive Health drop-in hours, provided by GHAP/WHAP.

Seeking STI/HIV testing? The Gay Health Advocacy Project serves as a liaison to connect students to free and confidential HIV antibody testing and arranges treatment and support for HIV-positive students.

Medical Services provides an array of sexual and reproductive health services including

  • Well-woman examinations
  • Birth control - IUD and contraceptive implants (Nexplanon), pill prescriptions
  • Pregnancy evaluations
  • Pregnancy options counseling, including pregnancy termination options (including Medication Abortion)
  • Emergency contraception
  • STI testing and treatment