Supporting Students with Chronic Medical Conditions and Disabilities

Last reviewed: 6/15/2023

All of the professionals at Counseling and Psychological Services are qualified to address the full range of concerns students bring to counseling. These CPS providers have particular interest, experience, or advanced training in supporting students with chronic medical conditions and disabilities. Students are welcome to work with these providers if they wish.

CPS clinicians on this team have experience and training working with individuals who are living with significant medical conditions and chronic health concerns. Members of this team offer support for students who are navigating the challenges academics and personal concerns while also managing the emotions and stress of their health conditions. CPS team members assist with health-promoting behaviors and decreasing health-related risk-taking behaviors ; supporting those with acute conditions and/or new diagnoses, as well as establishing adherence to medical treatment and coping with symptoms.  

If your situation is urgent and a particular counselor with whom you would like to work is not immediately available, it is generally not recommended to delay seeking assistance. Rather, it is best to initiate treatment with a counselor who is more immediately available; you are always welcome to transfer to a different counselor at a later date. 

Supporting Students with Chronic Medical Conditions and Disabilities Team

Dr. Colitz is interested in helping students attain a higher quality of life by managing the complexity of psychological and physical distress due to medical illnesses. He also has experience working with medically unexplained symptoms that lack an identifiable cause (such as persistent headaches, chronic tiredness or pain, heart palpitations, gastric issues, or musculoskeletal discomfort). Working towards exploring relevant psychosocial factors in a way that acknowledges the physical symptoms as real can provide a framework towards greater well-being and healing.

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Wardeh has history in hospital social work including inpatient care and emergency treatment. Her interests include working with children and adults navigating a chronic condition while pursuing academic, relationship, and career goals. She also works with adults navigating sex and fertility challenges while managing medical conditions. She obtained the Advanced Certificate in Oncology Social Work from University of Pennsylvania in 2019 to enhance her practice with patients facing both chronic and life-limiting conditions. She can understand Arabic at a basic level.

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