Past Event

Unpacking the Man Box: Masculinity and Leadership

April 20, 2022
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

After a successful Unpacking the Man Box discussion during SAAM 2021, members of the Men’s Engagement Task Force and Sexual Violence Response are working together again to highlight how masculinity and leadership shape our various spaces on campus. This session will aim to discuss how leadership is expected to be performed, placed upon men, deflected from women and non-binary folks, and how to use that expectation to transform spaces with harmful power structures (i.e., everywhere).  

This will be a panel discussion between internal and external folks to unpack how they use their masculinity to navigate power structures and dynamics. The panelists will focus on their development from students through to their contributions in different workspaces. They will discuss how their additional identities, including race and sexuality, have also shaped the expectations of masculinity in these spaces. Finally, they will discuss using their masculinity and their leadership to not just lead in work and school spaces, but to lead in our communities as prosocial bystanders when it comes to power-based violence and gender-based harassment.  

All members of the Columbia community are welcome. Please register on Zoom.

Columbia University makes every effort to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Please notify us in advance if you require closed captioning, sign-language interpretation, or any other disability accommodations. Alternatively, Disability Services can be reached at 
212-854-2388 and [email protected]

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