Alcohol Use Self-Assessment

If a student wants to understand more about their alcohol use, is considering changing their alcohol consumption behaviors, or is curious about how their alcohol use may be impacting their health, consider the alcohol use self-assessment.

The Alcohol Use Self-Assessment is a brief, anonymous 10-question survey designed to assist students in determining whether their alcohol use results in a low, moderate, or high risk to their health.

If the results indicate a moderate or high risk, students will be prompted with the option to schedule a BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students) appointment with a Substance Use Prevention Specialist.

Students seeking support regarding other drug use may check out the Cannabis Use Self-Assessment.

About the BASICS Program:

The BASICS program is designed to assist students in examining their drinking and/or other drug-use behavior in a judgment-free environment. This is not an abstinence-only program. Instead, the goals are selected by the student and are aimed at reducing risky behaviors and potential harmful consequences. Services provided through the program are non-judgmental, non-labeling, and confidential.

To inquire about BASICS or other substance use-related issues, email [email protected].