Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is available to couples in which each partner is a registered Columbia student and is enrolled in Columbia Health. Counseling and Psychological Services staff members are trained to address concerns and problems, such as depression, conflict resolution, communication, and more.

As with individual counseling, in order to arrange for appropriate care as quickly as possible, we initially schedule a brief phone interview with each member of a couple. Based on this overview of treatment needs and goals, we will either offer further consultation and counseling with one of our couples specialists, or suggest a referral to an outside resource if such a referral would better serve the couple’s needs.

Many students who attend Columbia and its affiliates are in relationships with a non-student (or student who is not enrolled in Columbia Health). We offer assistance to these couples by formulating a treatment plan that may include a referral to an appropriate resource off-campus.

Common Questions About Couples Counseling

Couples counseling at Counseling and Psychological Services is available to couples in which both partners are currently enrolled in Columbia Health. If your partner is no longer enrolled in Columbia Health, a provider can assist you with a referral to an appropriate outside resource.

Call 212-854-2878 to schedule an appointment to speak to a counselor.

Students requesting an appointment for couples counseling for the first time will be scheduled for a confidential phone screening with a counselor. The purpose of this conversation is to clarify and assess your needs and explore options for next steps.

No. But you do need to enroll in Columbia Health, which provides access to on-campus medical and mental health services. Columbia Health is also used to access off-campus services and resources.