Friend2Friend is one of Alice! Health Promotion’s skills-based training programs. This three-hour workshop is designed to help Columbia students recognize and respond to others exhibiting indicators of distress. Focused on understanding, reframing, referring, and self-care, students learn how to connect peers to resources on- and off-campus.

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Define their role as a friend
  • Define well-being
  • List at least three factors that can help someone maintain positive well-being
  • List at least three reasons why students may choose not to get help
  • List at least three possible signs of distress
  • Describe how to refer a friend to a resource
  • Identify ways to care for one's self after helping a friend

Each training session is open to a minimum of six participants and a maximum of 25. Sessions are available to all currently enrolled Columbia students. Requests for workshops or trainings for groups with fewer than six participants will be considered on a case by case basis prior to confirming the requested session.

Attend a Training

Complete the Friend2Friend Interest Form to get notified when new F2F sessions are scheduled. 

Open sessions are posted on the Columbia Health Events page.

Schedule a Training for your Group

Columbia affiliates can request a Friend2Friend training for their group by completing and submitting an Alice! Health Promotion Workshop and Training Request.


Email [email protected] or call 212-854-5453.