How to Enroll in the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan

Columbia requires most students to have comprehensive health insurance as part of enrollment in the University. This is a guide for Morningside/Manhattanville students who wish to confirm enrollment in the Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan.

When you're ready to confirm enrollment, follow the steps below.

You can also follow-along with the video tutorial.

  1. Log on to the Patient Portal.
  2. Click the Insurance Enrollment Request button on the landing page, or click Forms on the lefthand menu and select Fall 2022 Insurance Enrollment.
  3. Carefully read the information provided.
  4. Click each check box to (1) confirm ernollment in the plan, (2) that you understand the fees associated with enrollment, and (3) the off-campus referral requirements.
  5. Click Submit Final.

Once you have registered for courses and have been billed tuition, insurance will be activated within 7 business days.


How to Confirm Enrollment in the Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan

How will I be billed?

The insurance premium is billed by semester. You are enrolled in the Columbia Plan for a full plan year (August 15 of the current year through August 14 of the next year) as long as you remain a registered student. If you will not be a registered student for the spring term, your coverage will terminate on December 31 and you will only be billed for the fall term.

When can I get my insurance card?

Your insurance card is available to download (enter your UNI and date of birth) 14 business days after confirming enrollment AND registering for classes and being charged tuition & fees. You can also access your insurance information through the Aetna Mobile app.

Physical ID cards are only mailed upon request. To obtain an ID card by mail, please call Aetna Customer Service at 800-859-8471.