Peer Educator Volunteer Application

Please read the information about the Peer Educator program, including required trainings, responsibilities, and eligibility criteria in full prior to submitting your application.

Interested in providing peer advocacy instead? Learn more about the Peer Advocate program.

Questions about the application? Contact Sexual Violence Response at (212) 854-3500 or email [email protected].


Applications are accepted and interviews are conducted on a rolling basis. Successful applicants will be invited to attend volunteer training (minimum of 40 hours) anticipated in January 2025.


By submitting this application, you are agreeing that you have read the role, responsibilities, and eligibility criteria and are providing permission for Sexual Violence Response staff to verify that you are in good judicial, disciplinary, and academic standing with your school.

Applicant Information
Campus Involvement

Are you involved/affiliated with other student groups or organizations? Your affiliations have no bearing on the application process and are only collected for informational purposes only.

Dietary Preference

Meals and snacks will be provided at the training.

Application Questionnaire

Please answer each question in 100-200 words.

How did you hear about this role?
If accepted, I can attend full-day in-person training: