Columbia Health Releases its 2020-21 Annual Report

Progressing on our core mission to advance the well-being of the University community and the personal and academic success of students.

Columbia Health
April 25, 2022

Columbia Health has kept laser-focused on its core mission to support the health and well-being of the Columbia community and is energized to realize its vision of integrated, accessible, quality services and community programs to cultivate best possible and enduring outcomes while living, working, and learning at Columbia University.

Pandemic Response Leadership

Columbia Health played a pivotal role in developing and implementing the University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization worked closely with key campus partners to refine and advise on policy, create education materials, and provide timely information to community members. Columbia Health also began operating the COVID-19 Testing Center and Contact Tracing Program on the Morningside campus.

Innovative Service Delivery

All Units of Columbia Health remained available for students whether in-person or virtually, delivering core services with no downtime. The team adjusted hours of operation, introduced new technologies, provided programs and services in novel ways, and secured new partnerships to ensure access to support, wherever students may be.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Columbia Health partnered with University leadership and campus partners on all aspects of the pandemic response. The organization also continued to collaborate with faculty and student-facing staff to administer public health requirements, discuss evolving student needs, and address various barriers that come from online-only learning. Columbia Health also tapped the power of peer intelligence and influence through student consultation and ambassador training.

Student-Centered, Inclusive Care

Amid the pandemic, Columbia Health continued to drive innovation and conversation around advancing well-being on campus. The organization provided support spaces and programs designed to meet timely distresses and implemented technologies, training, and insurance benefits to advance gender-inclusivity in care. The organization engaged stakeholders on a well-being framework to begin cultivating a campus environment that promotes well-being. Columbia Health also looked inward, launching working groups to advance health equity and racial justice within the organization, its services, and how it interacts with the broader community.

Data-Driven Care to Advance College Health

Columbia Health also continued to engage in rigorous and integrative research to inform its efforts in providing responsive care. Staff collected ongoing direct service feedback, conducted a needs assessment, and managed multiple IRB research protocols while delivering core services to students.

An Independent Columbia Health

On January 25, 2021, President Lee C. Bollinger announced that Columbia Health would be a standalone department at the University, reporting directly to the Office of the President. This elevation solidifies the institutional recognition that a focus on health promotes personal and academic success for every member of the Columbia community

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