Accommodation Letter Request Form

Accommodation letters provide official notification of your registration with Disability Services and your eligibility for specific accommodations. Accommodation letters issued by Disability Services (DS) are for undergraduate students  and serve to inform faculty of a student’s registration with DS. Graduate students must contact their school’s Disability Services Liaison prior to or during the first week of classes to begin the process of notifying faculty (in lieu of accommodation letters).

Important Information:

  • Remember that the Letter of Accommodations is just the first step in implementing your accommodations. You may still need to complete other request forms (e.g. note-taking request form) in order to receive those specific accommodations.
  • The letters include all of the course accommodations that have been granted for an individual student.
  • Instructors are not obligated to provide these accommodations until they receive your current letter of accommodation. Accommodations are not applied retroactively.

Undergraduate Accommodation Letters/Faculty Notification Process:

  1. Submit the Undergraduate Accommodation Letter Request Form to DS prior to or during the first two weeks of each semester
  2. Within three business days, later DS will email your professor(s) a copy of your accommodation letter.
Faculty to receive accommodation letters