Request for Note-Taking Services

Note-taking services are provided as an accommodation to Disability Services (DS) students who are eligible for this accommodation. After DS recruits a classmate to provide a scanned copy of his/her notes, they will be emailed to you. If you need the notes in an alternate format, you must contact DS.

Please provide the following information in the spaces below, which will be used to secure note-takers for the courses you indicate:

  • All courses for which you will need note-taking services. Incomplete course information will result in a delay of services.
  • Your preference for typed or handwritten notes for each course. DS will make reasonable efforts to accommodate students' preferences.
  • Only submit requests for Lecture sections - DS does not hire note-takers for discussion or recitation sections. Contact your DS Coordinator to discuss your needs for recitation or discussion sections should you have any concerns.
  • If you know a student in the course who would like to serve as your note-taker, please refer them to DS as soon as possible. Please be advised that if DS has already recruited and hired a note-taker in the course, the note-taker you identify cannot be paid.
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