Birth Control Education

Columbia students have a couple of options when it comes to learning more about birth control.

WHAP Peer Advocate Drop-in Sessions

Peer advocates at the Women's Health Advocacy Project—part of the Gay Health Advocacy Project—are available to discuss birth control, during one-on-one, free, and confidential peer counseling sessions. 

Advocates provide a supportive environment to talk about sex and sexual health, and offer accurate information on birth control, gynecologic health, sexually transmitted infections, pleasure and communication, and more. Sessions are open to Columbia students of all gender identities and their partners. No appointment is necessary and students can visit during drop-in hours (virtual or in person).

Alice! Health Education Sessions

Currently enrolled students can learn about birth control in one-on-one health education sessions with an Alice! Health Promotion professional staff member. In these sessions, students can explore birth control options and safer sex strategies, as well as ask questions prior to meeting with a health care provider. This session is not a substitute for speaking or making an appointment with a medical provider. No prescriptions can be obtained during this session.

This session is appropriate for students who have never used birth control or who are currently using birth control and wish to discuss alternatives. Partners of someone who uses, or plans to use, birth control are also welcome, but this partner must be a Columbia student.

Students can attend Alice! virtual drop-in hours or request an appointment by emailing [email protected] (be sure to include a few days/times that you are available Monday - Friday, 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM).