Wayfinding Guides: Getting Connected to Care

How to access on- and off-campus resources.

Last updated: 3/26/2024

Wayfinding Guides help students at Columbia University and its affiliated schools navigate and identify resources and systems of support on a variety of health & wellbeing topics. These guides compile high-quality health information for on- and off-campus resources.

They cover topics such as how to find a primary care provider, navigate health insurance, and pick up prescriptions. Bookmark this page for future reference and check back regularly for newly developed guides!

Each guide contains: 

  1. Broad overview of the topic
  2. Quick reference guide with common questions
  3. On-campus resources available and how to find off-campus resources
  4. How insurance works for that topic 
  5. How to identify providers or services that meet your needs 
  6. How to access care


Have questions or want to learn more?  

Schedule a Health Promotion Appointment for support connecting with resources and systems of support, as well as high-quality health information.