Register with Disability Services

Students seeking reasonable accommodations (academic, housing) or support services from Disability Services (DS) are required to actively register with the office.

Registration does not occur automatically upon enrollment at Columbia University. Services received in high school or at other universities do not automatically transfer to Columbia University.

It is recommended that students joining the University contact the office immediately to initiate the registration process, but no later than 3 weeks prior to the start of classes.

However, registrations are accepted throughout the year.

Disability Services supports all types of conditions including physical and learning disabilities, temporary injuries and chronic illnesses.

Disability Services Registration Process

Registering includes the following steps for all students:

  1. Submit a completed registration form via fax to 212-854-3448, email to [email protected] or in-person at Wien Hall Suite 108A.
  2. Submit documentation verifying your disability status and the need for accommodations. Refer to our documentation guidelines for help.
  3. Disability Services reviews each request and determines eligibility for accommodations and services. The review process does not begin until your completed registration form and your disability documentation are received. The review process takes approximately three weeks.
  4. Meet with Disability Services. A coordinator will contact students to schedule an orientation meeting. During this required meeting, your coordinator will review the policies and procedures regarding the provision of reasonable accommodations. This meeting will help to familiarize students with Disability Services and facilitate the accommodations process.
  5. Professor and/or school notification:
    1. Undergraduate students, at the start of each new semester:
      • Students are required to present each of their professors an Accommodation Letter issued by DS.
        • These letters include recommendations for reasonable accommodations for the student.
        • Each professor will review the Disability Services recommendations, and should sign each letter indicating they either agree to implement the recommended accommodations or request consultation with Disability Services to determine alternative accommodations that are a better fit for the course.
      • Signed letters must be returned to Disability Services prior to the implementation of accommodations.
    2. Graduate students
      • After meeting with your Disability Services coordinator, contact your program’s Disability Services liaison. Disability Services liaisons are designated Columbia faculty or staff from each school or academic program who work with Disability Services to coordinate accommodations for students with disabilities. During the first meeting, the Disability Services liaison will review the protocols and procedures for receiving accommodations. Students are expected to adhere to the procedures at their respective schools in order to remain eligible for receiving accommodations.

Last reviewed: 6/11/2024