Cost of Service

By paying the Columbia Health and Related Services Fee, students can access programs and services provided through Columbia Health.

What is it? 

The Columbia Health and Related Services Fee is paid by all* students (including hybrid, online only, and study abroad students) for access to the health and well-being resources, programs, and services provided by Columbia Health and our partners. This mandatory, non-refundable fee cannot be waived and is not pro-rated. 

Spouses and domestic partners covered under the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan (Columbia Plan) pay a reduced fee for access to a limited number of services. Columbia Health is unable to provide services to dependent children covered under the Columbia Plan or to spouses or dependents of students not on the Columbia Plan.  

*Part-time and half-time domestic students who are not on the Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan pay a reduced fee, but can elect to upgrade to the full-time fee to access the full range of resources, programs, and services. Part-time and half-time domestic students that enroll in the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan are required to pay the full-time Columbia Health and Related Services fee.

What is included?

  • One-on-one conversations and workshops on stress, sleep, time management, alcohol and drug education, wellness coaching, pet therapy, HIV testing and treatment counseling, birth control education and counseling, PrEP and PEP consultation, sexual health peer counseling, and gender affirming care coordination through Alice! Health Promotion, including the Gay Health Advocacy Project (GHAP)

  • Online and in-person academic, classroom, campus, housing, and event accommodations for students with disabilities (including chronic conditions and temporary injuries) and non-clinical consultations around academic difficulties related to attention issues or learning difficulties through Disability Services 

  • Crisis counseling, intervention, advocacy, connection to resources, online orders of protection, accompaniment for survivors and co-survivors of violence, as well as violence prevention trainings and workshops through Sexual Violence Response 

  • Guidance around health insurance enrollment, submitting a waiver request, benefits, claims, and other insurance matters through the Student Health Insurance Team 

  • Support for complying with University immunization requirements through the Immunization Compliance Office 

  • No out of pocket cost flu vaccines and confidential HIV Testing 

  • Public health infrastructure and support programs such as campus policy and contact tracing for infection disease outbreaks 

All of the above, plus: 

  • routine and urgent medical care, nutrition, travel medicine, immunizations (most at no-cost), sexual health services, reproductive and gynecological services including pregnancy termination options such as Medication Abortion, LGBTQ+ health care, on-campus laboratory (fee may apply if not on the Columbia Plan), acupuncture, sports medicine, and much more through Medical Services 

  • in-person and virtual short-term individual counseling, referrals for longer term therapy, virtual support spaces, in-person support groups, urgent mental health concerns drop-ins, and problem-solving/coping skills drop-ins, medication consultation, and emergency consultation through Counseling and Psychological Services 

Students pay no additional charges for most services provided on campus. See the Service Fees page for more information. 

A small portion of the fee supports the University Gender-Based Misconduct Office and the University International Travel and Safety and Security Program.

What is not included? 

Prescriptions, urgent care or emergency room visits, select vaccines, and off-campus services accessed by referral (e.g. specialist care, medications, physical therapy) are covered by health insurance or the out-of-pocket cost responsibility of the student.  Additionally, students not enrolled in the Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan may have out of pocket costs for laboratory services performed on campus. 

All pre-matriculation immunization requirements are not covered and must be paid in full before services through Columbia Health are rendered. 

If you are unsure about costs of care off campus, please contact your health insurance provider for more details.  Students on the Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan can use the Aetna Student Health website or contact the Student Health Insurance Team to learn more about potential costs. 

Spouses and Domestic Partners covered by The Columbia Plan 

Students are billed a reduced Columbia Health and Related Services Fee (via the Student Account Statement) to cover their dependent spouses and registered domestic partners.  

The fee provides access to Medical Services, most Alice! Health Promotion programs, support of the Student Health Insurance Team, and more. 

Dependent spouses and domestic partners are not eligible to be seen at Counseling and Psychological Services. No referral is required for dependent spouses and domestic partners to see a mental health provider off-campus.  

Coverage Rates

Billed by semester

2023-2024 Academic Year

  • Summer* (May 15, 2024 to Aug. 14, 2024): $490


2024-2025 Academic Year

  • Full academic year (Aug. 15, 2024 to Aug. 14, 2025): $1,388
    • Fall (Aug. 15, 2024 to Dec. 31, 2024): $694
    • Spring/Summer (Jan. 1, 2025 to Aug. 14, 2025): $94
  • Summer* (May 15, 2025 to Aug. 14, 2025): forthcoming

*Applies to new summer students only

Also included in the fee 

A small portion of the fee supports the University Gender-based Misconduct Office, so that staff may fully collaborate to provide necessary resources and support to students who have experienced sexual assault. 

An additional small portion of the fee supports the University International Travel Safety and Security program. This helps provide risk assessments and travel advice, including emergency assistance services for students traveling abroad while studying or conducting research. 

Last updated: 6/12/2024