Last updated: 4/25/2024

BASICS—Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students—is a program designed to assist students in examining their alcohol and other substance-use behavior. Services provided through this program are non-judgmental, non-labeling, and confidential.  

This is NOT an abstinence-only program. Instead, students select goals that aim to reduce risky behavior and potential consequences.   

How does the BASICS program work?

  1. Initial meeting with a BASICS provider 
  2. Online assessment 
  3. Follow-up meeting with the same provider 

BASICS appointments are offered virtually. In-person requests will be accommodated, if needed. If you have any questions about the BASICS program, please contact [email protected]

BASICS Referrals

Students may be referred to BASICS through a self-referral, a soft referral, or a mandatory referral. Referral to BASICS is educational and isn’t a means of discipline. BASICS sessions are tailored to the individual student’s goals, regardless of the referral type. 

Self-referrals may be a good option for students concerned about their relationship with alcohol and other substances or who want to learn more about maintaining a healthy relationship with alcohol. To make a self-referral: 

  1. Complete the Alcohol Use Self-Assessment or the Cannabis Use Self-Assessment.  
  2. If deemed appropriate, you will see an option to participate in BASICS. Click the “Yes, I am interested in BASICS” icon.  
  3. Schedule an appointment using the link sent to your email.  

In a "soft referral," a campus administrator may recommend a student for the BASICS program if they are concerned about a student’s substance use and how it’s affecting them.

*Students who receive a soft referral are not required to complete the program.*

Some of the professionals on campus who refer students to BASICS include:  

  • Professors, instructors, or academic advisors 
  • Professional staff members 
  • Medical or mental health providers  

All students are eligible to receive a soft referral.

A student may receive a mandatory referral from a campus administrator if their alcohol or substance use contributes to:  

  • Being transported by CUEMS 
  • Violations of school policies or other students’ rights (e.g., sexual harassment)  
  • Ethical violations 
  • Inappropriate behavior at school-sponsored events, either on or off campus 
  • Disruptive or problematic behavior in the classroom, internships, externships, or field placements 

*Students who receive a mandatory referral are required to attend BASICS.*

Mandatory referrers, such as Deans, residential programs staff, Student Conduct and Community Standards staff are some of the mandatory referrers on campus, may choose to include BASICS as an educational option after a policy, procedure, or regulatory violation related to alcohol or other substance misuse or abuse, whether on or off campus.  

You can learn more about substance use visits at our Substance Use and Recovery Visits (BASICS and Nicotine Cessation).

If you have questions about BASICS or other substance use-related issues, email [email protected] or check out the Alcohol and Other Drugs fact sheets on Go Ask Alice!.