Dental Discounts

Students enrolled in the Columbia Plan have access to covered preventative dental services and specially discounted rates for other dental needs through ColumbiaDoctors Dentistry.

Dental discounts include: 

  • One routine examination per plan year
  • One dental cleaning (prophylaxis) per plan year
  • A 25% discount of self-pay fees on additional services
  • X-rays as needed and with the routine examination
  • Evaluation of emergency dental conditions and emergency pain relief
  • A $20 copay per visit

These dental benefits are operated by ColumbiaDoctors Dentistry and are not underwritten by Aetna or administered by Aetna Student Health.

Participating Locations

About ColumbiaDoctors Dentistry

This practice is operated by Columbia University's College of Dental Medicine and offers:

  • Convenient locations near campus
  • No requirement to choose a primary care dentist
  • Comprehensive care including all specialty services
  • No claims forms to complete
  • Provided by faculty members of the College of Dental Medicine