SVR New Student Orientation Request Form for Graduate Schools

This program will fulfill the requirement for incoming students from our office. SVR is running 30-minute in-person sessions. All sessions must follow CDC and University guidance.

Prior to the SVR New Student Orientation Presentation, we ask that you give students notice that sensitive subjects including sexual violence will be discussed. Please schedule this session in your orientation calendar at a time where similar subjects may be discussed.

The deadline to submit a request form for Fall 2023 is Friday, July 14 at 11:59 PM ET.

SVR may not be able to accommodate date requests received after the deadline.

To schedule more than one session for your school/program, please identify the number of sessions needed, and submit one form for each session.

For questions about scheduling an orientation session, email [email protected] or call (212) 854-3500.

Submission Information
Please complete one form per each orientation request and indicate the session number above. For example, if this is your second request in a series of 10 workshops requested, enter “2” in the Session Number field. If it is the third, enter “3,” and so on.

Any requests for in-person sessions must follow CDC and University guidance.

Scheduling (Note that the SVR orientation session is at least 30 minutes long):


SVR will be in contact to discuss logistics.

Columbia Health hosts one table at resource fairs to represent all units, including SVR. Please request a resource fair representative using the Columbia Health NSOP Request Form.