Are you seeking mental health information for yourself? Are you concerned about a friend? Participants may complete this anonymous online tool to learn more about the resources available at Columbia University.

ULifeline is an anonymous, confidential online resource and screening tool that provides participants with information about mental health conditions. ULifeline is not intended to provide medical advice or be a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Instead, ULifeline lets participants answer questions that will provide information about their mental health and how to reach out for more help.

Who Can Use ULifeline

While students are the primary audience for this tool, anyone in the Columbia community, including faculty, staff, administrators, and parents may access this tool.

ULifeline is a free service for colleges and Universities and is supported by The Jed Foundation (JED), a nonprofit public charity whose mission is to prevent suicide among college students and enhance mental health support on campuses nationwide.

What resources does ULifeline provide?

ULifeline complements and enhances Columbia University's existing offerings by uniquely combining multiple tools into one website that serves as a one-stop online resource for mental health information.

Self Evaluator

Developed by Duke University Medical Center, the Self Evaluator is a screening program designed to help participants uncover whether they, or a friend, are at risk for depression, suicide, and several other disorders, including alcohol and drug dependence, eating disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The Facts

The Facts tab is a mental health reference library that provides quality, user-friendly information that has been reviewed and approved by leading medical experts at Harvard Medical School.

Help a Friend

This section, provided by the National Mental Health Association, describes the warning signs for depression and suicide, includes information regarding how to help a friend, and lists resources for additional assistance.