Sowmya Kshtriya

Dr. Sowmya Kshtriya (she/her/hers) is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia Health. She conducts intakes, individual psychotherapy, co-leads group therapy, and partakes in drop-in hours for undergraduate and graduate students across campus.

Sowmya earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics and Psychology from the University of Toronto, her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology at Teachers College Columbia University, and her Ph.D. degree in Clinical Psychology from Montclair State University.

Prior to joining CPS, Sowmya was trained in a variety of clinical settings and worked with diverse populations including children, adolescents, and young to older adults with trauma, depression, anxiety, and chronic and persistent mental illness. Sowmya completed her pre-doctoral internship at the Manhattan Psychiatric Center working with acutely traumatized adults with severe mental illness. In addition, she completed three clinical externships working with incarcerated individuals with PTSD and other mental disorders at Rikers Island Correctional Facility, provided treatment for young adults with attachment and relationship issues at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research, and worked with adolescents with acute and chronic mental health issues at the SCO Family of Services.

Sowmya identifies as a Global Citizen and her research interests include investigating psychological trauma in the context of natural/human-made disasters, trauma resilience, recovery, meaning-making, post-traumatic growth, spirituality, and global mental health. Her clinical interests include working with PTSD/trauma survivors, young adult mental health, attachment, relationship, adjustment, and existential issues. Her treatment approach is primarily integrative, and she utilizes a modality that best suits her clients including psychodynamic, gestalt, cognitive behavior therapy/CBT, recovery-oriented cognitive therapy/CTR, and dialectical behavior therapy/DBT-based interventions. 


  • Ph.D., Montclair State University
  • M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University
  • B.Sc., University of Toronto

Certifications and Licensure:

  • NYS Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training
  • Psychological First Aid
  • MMPI-3 Training

Professional Experience:

  • Clinical Psychology Pre-Doctoral Internship: The Manhattan Psychiatric Center
  • Clinical Psychology Externships: Rikers Island Correctional Health Services NYC Health/Hospitals, Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research, SCO Family of Services
  • Neuropsychology Training: Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services
  • Research: Yale University Trauma and Mental Health Laboratory, MSU Therapeutic Language Laboratory, Columbia University - Spirituality and Psychology Lab, Lab for Clinical and Developmental Studies, Global Mental Health Lab, The New York State Psychiatric Institute
  • Humanitarian Fellowships: The Association for Trauma Outreach and Prevention, Meaningful World at the United Nations, The American Psychological Association at the United Nations

Published Articles;

  • Singh, S., Kshtriya, S., & Valk, R. (2023). Health, Hope, and Harmony: A Systematic Review of the Determinants of Happiness across Cultures and Countries. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health20(4), 1-79.
  • Kshtriya, S., Lawrence, J., Kobezak, H. M., Popok, P. J., & Lowe, S. (2022). Investigating strategies of emotion regulation as mediators of occupational stressors and mental health outcomes in first responders. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health19(12), 1-13.
  • Kshtriya, S., Kalayjian, A., Lowe, S., Diakonova-Curtis, D., & Toussaint, L. (2022) Exploring the association between forgiveness, meaning-making, and post-traumatic stress symptoms: The case of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. International Journal of Educational Research. 115, 102-120.
  • Toussaint, L., Kshtriya, S., Kalayjian, A., Cameron, E., & Diakonova-Curtis, D. (2022). Christian religious affiliation is associated with less posttraumatic stress symptoms through forgiveness but not search for meaning after hurricane Irma and Maria. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. 1-4.
  • Kshtriya, S., Kobezak, H.M., Lawrence, J., Popok, P., & Lowe, S.S. (2020). Social Support as a Mediator of Occupational Stressors and Mental Health Outcomes in First Responders. Journal of Community Psychology, 48(7), 2252-2263.
  • Nayak, S., Kshtriya, S, and Neugebauer, R. (2018). Trauma Alleviation Treatment for Unaccompanied Children after the Rwandan Genocide: A Cautionary Tale. Intervention, 17(1), 23-30.
  • Kshtriya, S., Belloni, M.P., Jaipal, R., and Politti, M.J. (2017). An Overlooked Emergency: The Poverty of Forced Migrant Children. United Nations NGO Committee on Migration.
  • Kshtriya, S., Barnstaple, R., Rabinovich, D.B., and DeSouza, J.F. (2015). Dance and Aging – A Critical Review of Findings in Neuroscience. American Journal of Dance Therapy, 37(2), 81-112.

Awards and Honors:

  • Tony D. Guzewicz Award for Outstanding Cross-Cultural Student Research, Fordham University       
  • Montclair State University Dissertation Research Award
  • Healthy Living Grant, National Student Leadership Society
  • Provost’s Grant for Professional Development, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Donald G. Tewkesbury Memorial Fund Stipend Award, TC, Columbia University 
  • Global Citizens Club (GCC) Best Collaboration Award, TC, Columbia University
  • Certificate of Distinction, St. Michaels College, University of Toronto        
  • Outstanding Achievement in Secondary School Scholarship, University of Toronto

Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Working Knowledge--Arabic and Telugu