Learning Specialists

Students must first register with Disability Services (DS) to determine eligibility for this accommodation.

Eligible students work with learning specialists to develop compensatory strategies and academic skills. Our learning specialists work with students on an individual basis to meet each student’s specific needs and determine areas to be addressed. Learning specialists do not help with content-based work; they are not tutors. Rather, they work with students to help them compensate for difficulties in several areas.

Students registered with DS should contact us to schedule an appointment with a learning specialistLearning specialists are not available during drop-in hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Disability Services offers a variety of support services to Columbia students, including individual consultation and skill-building workshops that address time management and organizational skills; study skills and exam preparation; reading and note-taking skills; writing; and class participation. Learning specialists are available to meet with students with disabilities on an individual basis. Work with a learning specialist focuses on developing compensatory strategies and skills related to global learning concerns. If you are interested in meeting with the learning specialist, contact Disability Services and a staff member will be in touch to further address your needs.

Disability Services does not provide content-based tutoring or evaluations for learning disabilities. However, Disability Services can provide information about on- and off-campus services to address these concerns. Students are also encouraged to speak to their program or academic advisor to discuss their concerns.

Students work with our learning specialists to establish priorities and determine a personalized agenda for their time together.

Last reviewed: 6/11/2024