Sexual and Gender Identity Issues

Counseling and Psychological Services offers a number of care options for students with concerns regarding sexual and gender identity issues.


Students are welcome to drop-in during sexual and gender-identity drop-in hours at Lerner 502 during the academic year.

Support Spaces

From time to time, when there is sufficient student interest, we offer support spaces and other special programs for LGBTQ+ students.

We welcome hearing from student groups who would like to partner with us in developing programs to serve the LGBTQ+ community. Contact Associate Director for Outreach, Anne Goldfield

Healthcare Services

Visit our Transgender and Gender Expansive Health Care Services page to see a full list of services. 


These CPS providers have particular interest, experience, or advanced training in sexual and gender identity concerns. Students are welcome to work with these providers if they wish.

Sexual and Gender Identity Team

Dr. Kori Bennett has been interested in how students make sense of their multiple identities, including those related to gender and sexuality since interning at Cal Poly Pomona’s Pride Center as an undergraduate student many years ago. Dr. Bennett views the intentional honoring of the unique stories we each hold as an integral component of community-building and queer and trans-affirmative healthcare. Dr. Bennett is particularly interested in working with students to explore topics such as gender-affirmative care, sexual exploration and identity, relationship structures/polyamory, and kink. In addition, Dr. Bennett has experience working with international students who are exploring gender and sexuality, as well as supporting students who are navigating sensitive conversations with others about their gender and/or sexual identities.

Motoni began her training in LGBTQ affirmative psychotherapy during her year-long internship at the University of Oregon Counseling Center, where she helped create and co-led a support group for bisexual students. She has co-authored articles on assessment of sexual orientation and sexual identity development of Asian American adolescents, as well as taught a graduate seminar on LGBTQ mental health at Teachers College. Motoni is committed to promoting the emotional and physical wellbeing of LGBTQ students, as well advocating on behalf of LGBTQ students of color. Motoni is fluent in Japanese and Mandarin.

Michele has experience working with the LGBTQ+ community in various settings. She is interested in working with students to understand how their multiple identities, including gender and sexuality, intersect and impact their expression of self. She is particularly interested in working with students who are questioning their identities, coming out, struggling with issues related to sexual health and sexuality, or who are facing internal or external barriers to being their true selves. Michele seeks to create a non-judgmental space that allows students to feel accepted with who they are and where they are in relation to their identities.

Wardeh has experience in working with LGBTQ+ persons who also face challenges with acculturation in the United States. She has facilitated support groups for LGBTQ+ people from the Middle East and North Africa. Her other interests involve work with persons from polyamorous/non-monogamous communities and kink-identified communities. Wardeh also works with persons navigating identities related to gender, sexuality, and Islam. She can understand Arabic at a basic level.

Adam has training in working with the LGBTQ community in various settings and has been involved in human rights work internationally. His experience includes issues related to sexual and gender identity, coming out, navigating relationships, stigma, and sexual health. Adam also has specialized experience within the community, including with gay men with HIV, individuals with substance abuse concerns, LGBTQ veterans, and individuals identifying within the Latino LGBTQ community. Adam seeks to create a safe and nonjudgmental space that allows students to feel accepted and openly explore concerns. He is fluent in Spanish.

Vincent has significant experience working with the LGBTQ+ community in college settings. He has worked with students who are questioning their identities, coming out, navigating relationships, and dealing with stigma. Vincent seeks to create a safe and non-judgmental space that allows students to feel accepted and openly explore concerns. He hopes that students feel supported as they work on defining their life paths.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ ally community, Jennifer is interested in working with students to address barriers that prevent them from living their best lives. Whether due to internal struggles with identity and sexuality, the influence of these concerns on their relationships with others, and/or the impact of these factors on areas of functioning such as academics and/or work, Jennifer provides a safe non-judgmental space for students to discuss any concerns at their own pace. 

Maria is an ally and has experience working with the LGBTQ+ community across settings.  She is interested in helping students explore and understand various parts of their gender and sexual identities in a safe and mindful space.  As identities can evolve over time, Maria believes in helping students establish a foundation of curiosity and compassion as they navigate their lives.  She is particularly interested in how issues related to gender and sexuality intersect with culture and other aspects of identity.  Maria is a strong believer that being knowledgeable and accepting of themselves helps people engage in life and relationships in more gratifying ways.

Addette is a member of the LGBTQ ally community and has a particular interest in working with students wanting to explore their multiple and intersecting identities to achieve an integrated sense of wholeness and wellbeing. Over the years, she has worked with individuals and couples who identify as trans and gender nonconforming.

Last reviewed: 6/26/2024