Disability Services’ Laura Dayan featured in Chalkbeat

A look into the laws and support needed for an accessible higher education experience.

March 08, 2024

Abey Weitzman, a Columbia University junior with disabilities, shared insights on the laws and support systems that enable access to higher education for individuals with disabilities in this article, “I am medically fragile and use a wheelchair. Here’s what makes college possible for me.” on Chalkbeat, a higher education focused online publication. 

She mentions the support of Associate Director of Student Case Management at Disability Services, Laura Dayan, as one of these critical supports. The article reads in part: “Making rules is important, but having people who follow them makes my experience at Columbia possible. Laura Dayan in the university’s Disability Services office regularly communicates with my professors, sends my switches to my classrooms, and schedules testing around my physical limitations and medical needs. Laura is the face I know, but the campus is filled with others who advocate for accessibility projects, maintain elevators, and send me their lecture notes. I rely on and appreciate all of them.” 

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