Our opposition to ongoing efforts to harm the lives and well-being of trans and queer people

Transgender and Gender Expansive Team
March 21, 2022

In 2022 alone, the United States has already witnessed a series of government-sanctioned efforts to erase LGBTQ people, most recently through the criminalization of parents seeking life-saving gender-affirming care for their trans children in Texas and a Florida bill prohibiting grade school educators from mentioning the existence of LGBTQ people

Such legitimized bias and discrimination threaten the lives and well-being of queer and trans people and make less legible these communities’ richly layered and diverse everyday dreams and stories.

In recognition of National LGBT Health Awareness Week and International Transgender Day of Visibility, Columbia Health and its Transgender and Gender Expansive Team (TGET) underscore our investment to pushing back against ongoing regressive efforts to harm the lives of trans and queer people. We also continue to oppose the violence and inequality experienced by marginalized groups that are rooted in racism and other ongoing, legitimized forms of oppression. 

Along these lines, we re-commit to continually seeking to improve the care and advocacy we offer to our LGBTQ student patients and aim to honor their diverse identities, narratives, and visions for themselves.

Columbia Health remains committed to working collaboratively with and providing gender-affirming resources, services, and support to Columbia’s transgender and gender expansive students.

Learn about the trans and gender-expansive healthcare services available at Columbia Health

To learn more about TGET and options for care, check out the TGET page and reach out to or schedule a meeting with TGET member, Daniel B. Chiarilli.

To speak with a mental health provider, schedule a treatment planning session at CPS (during this session you may request a TGET team member, see list online) or drop-in during Sexual and Gender Identity (SGI) drop-in at Lerner 502 on Thursdays from 5:00 to 7:30 PM.

To speak with a staff or peer advocate about sex, pleasure, concerns about sexuality, identity, and relationships, make an appointment with a GHAP advocate by emailing [email protected] or visiting drop-in hours.