LGBTQ Support and Sexual Health Peer Counseling

Volunteer advocates with the Gay Health Advocacy Project are available during drop-in hours to listen, offer support, and connect you to additional resources.

The project serves the entire Columbia community regardless of gender or orientation. We continue to develop our special commitment to advocating for the sexual and emotional health of the LGBTQ population. A number of Advocates speak second languages, including Mandarin.

Students come to Gay Health Advocacy Project to discuss:

  • Sex and relationships
  • Coming out (or not) and other identity concerns
  • LGBTQ life on campus and in New York City
  • Safer sex and risk reduction
  • Adjustment to Columbia
  • Whatever else might be on your mind

Volunteer advocates are undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students at Columbia who undergo intensive training and are supervised regularly by professional staff. Advocates are HIPAA-certified and required to uphold the strictest levels of confidentiality. In the rare case that a student recognizes a volunteer advocate, a different advocate can be made available.

You can also apply to become a peer advocate.

Other LGBTQ Support

Queer Academics Discussion Group

Queer Academics is a supportive discussion group open to LGBTQ students from all of Columbia's graduate and professional schools and General Studies. Come meet students from other departments and schools, identify and discuss issues relevant to our communities, and learn about resources on and off campus.

View group meeting schedule.

More Resources for Transgender and Non-Binary Students

Visit our Transgender and Gender Expansive Health Care Services page to see a full list of services.